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If you answered yes to the above questions – then you definitely MUST read this:

We are now making our Lotto Guy Lottery System available to you the public, which are the final results and conclusions of a University 6 month class project. After conducting ground breaking studies into all Pick 5, Pick 6, Pick 7 number lottery games. By feeding 5 years worth of winning number combinations from many lottery games such as, Lotto 6/49, Lotto Western 6/49, New York Lotto, Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Mega Millions Lottery, Powerball Lottery, Lotto Max, and many others. This from Canadian Lotteries and U.S Lotteries into a computer using Award Winning Software to analyze the data gathered (Huge Amount of Data Analyzed).

The final results were quite astonishing. After very careful analysis they found three categories of lottery number combinations that if you follow. Will realistically give you a very real 30% increased chance of winning. This is especially true for the lower tier prizes (3 number combinations and 4 number combinations winners).

Our Lotto Guy Lottery System Winning Formula (non-software) works ONLY for most all Pick Five, Pick Six and Pick Seven Canada and U.S. lottery games.

We have been personally using this outstanding very powerful lottery system with Excellent Results. Instead of winning the usual 3 or 4 number combination cash prizes every once in a while. We have now averaged 3 and 4 winning number combination cash prizes many times per month. And have already won quite a few larger lottery cash prize winnings as well. This system is absolutely the best lottery system we have ever used. And trust us, we have tried many systems. Many other users of our Lotto Guy Lottery System have already been sending us excellent feedback. Stating a solid winning success rate of about 30% increased wins … That’s Huge!!!

We have also tried many different lottery wheeling systems. Only other type of lottery system actually proven to work. So we give you a few of the best free source Pick 5 and Pick 6 lottery wheels with purchase of our system. Just in case you would like to try them out for some variety. Due to the higher cost to win anything with wheeling systems. It makes them somewhat useless for most people. As you will need to play many more lotto tickets to get decent results.

Take note, others sell their lottery wheels for about $35 – $55. You simply do not have to waste your money on those types of systems. When you can get them (good free source wheels) from us for nothing, with purchase of our Lotto Guy Lottery System. Additionally, for all you Pick 3 lotto players, we also supply you with some of the best free source Pick 3 systems out there. Which gives you some variety in trying different strategies.

Listen Up And Learn! Approximately 95% of other so-called good winning lottery systems being sold. Are in fact Not Tested or Proven in any way shape or form to give you real wins, they are mostly just cheap useless software systems or made-up systems by some person, then just hyped-up to sound great, along with a high cost. Do not pass on our Lotto Guy Lottery System just because it is not all hyped up and high priced. Remember this! This is a real verified 30% increased chance of winning lottery games without buying dozens of lottery tickets.

This system of selecting your lottery winning numbers by the identified categories sure beats playing “Quick Picks” or Random Lottery Numbers by far. Stop throwing your money away on just chance and play to win with this No Nonsense Winning System. Give it a try and see for yourself what it can do. You won’t regret it!

For one time payment of only $19.95 (A very reasonable price) you can own and utilize this winning lottery system for yourself and increase your chances to win substantially.

Free Source Gifts – Everyone who purchases our Lotto Guy Lottery System will also receive two of the best free source lottery wheels around as well as excellent Pick 3 systems and proven tips that improve your odds at winning Scratch N Win Lottery Tickets for Canada and U.S (others charge about $30 – $40 for this information alone). You also receive a Secret Tip that absolutely does improve your odds at winning the lottery and you guessed it, you get it at no extra cost.

Read! You will receive your Lotto Guy Lottery System ( link + login details) via E-mail to the same Email address you used to make your payment with, with-in 24 hours after we have received your payment as we send it Manually. ( Make sure to turn off spam blockers and check your junk email also, as in some cases it is sent there).

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ALERT! It has been brought to our attention that two review sites are falsely labelling us a scam. The two review sites are and These are shady marketers whose method is to post fake bad reviews on products/programs to redirect you to what they are selling.

Posting false and fake reviews is illegal and is called “bait and switch fake reviews” and the people that run these shameful type of review sites don’t care if they harm other businesses or people in the process. We are most definitely not a scam and we will not tolerate this type of illegal marketing scheme. I guess these people were never taught the value of honesty.


          Was Voted 1st For Mathematical Software Used To Develop System


WARNING! If you purchase our Lotto Guy lottery System, you may NOT resell it, post it online, or use our name or logo in anyway. We do not guarantee wins in anyway. Product is only designed to help assist you win easier, which is why we have a “No Refund Policy”.
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